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Mark J Senitz

Managing Principal

I am a big believer of pursuing life with a passion.  Jamison | James was established to be something extraordinary.  I am passionate about the quality and expertise we bring to our clients, and I invite you to experience the Jamison | James difference.

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Sam G Senitz

Director of Operations

Customer service has always been a top priority for me. I want every client’s experience to be one that will leave them knowing we really care about them, their projects, and their timelines. I think until you take the time to truly get to know someone you can’t understand what’s important to them.  At Jamison | James, I have the opportunity to do just that. What a pleasure it is to be at a place where I can be the best at what I do.

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Andrew Senitz

Design Associate

One of the biggest takeaways I want our clients to have is an exceptional experience each and every time they interact with Jamison James – a quality, customized-to-fit experience, where we pay attention to all the details, big and small, serving your vision like it was ours, and even providing that bright-spot-in-the-day encounter. It’s kind of a tall order but the standard is set high and that’s one of the reasons I love working here.  We want to be the best - for you.

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Jamison | James Inc.,  2175 East Stone Road,  Wylie, Texas 75098     Office: 972.850.9069

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