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Any architect can design a parking garage, but not every architect specializes in parking and understands the challenges associated with each of the elements of the garage, which can dramatically impact the cost of each parking space.  How much value are we talking about?  If every parking space costs between $10,000-15,000, for every parking space lost in design, you’ve lost $10-15K worth of value. Typically, we see about a 10% difference in work we’re able to design vs. work designed by a non-parking specialist.

  • Lighting levels

  • Circulation

  • Vehicle turn radius

  • ADA accessibility impacts and location

  • Core elevator/stair tower locations

  • Floor to Floor heights

  • Parking configuration

  • Entry/Exit locations

  • ...and many more elements.


Multiple factors affect the efficiency of the parking garage, which in turn impacts the cost. All along the design process, decisions are being made, not just in the beginning which can dramatically change the cost of parking. Having Jamison | James involved from start to finish ensures maximization of value. If we come in on the front end and consult, you will receive one level of value. But if we’re involved through the entire process, you maximize your value exponentially.

Baylor Regional Medical Center, Plano, TX: Baylor had completed construction documents for an 1,100 car parking facility.  An opportunity was given to provide an over the shoulder review of the plans. This review revealed that several hundred more spaces could fit in the same site and at a reduced building footprint.  New plans were developed from the review which saved $2.5 million and improved the circulation of their existing garage with no impact to final delivery schedule.  Having the right people at the table can make or break your vision.


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