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Involving Jamison | James from the very beginning is a smart move. We look at everything from cost and site geometry, to accessibility and traffic flow in order to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Master Planning | Site Selection

  • Maximize Value | Minimize Cost -  We bring continued expertise from beginning to end taking into account every contingency along the way.  Every site will have different factors affecting the cost of the development (e.g. site geometry, utilty locations, entry/exit locations, etc.).  We analyze the full scope of the project so our clients get the biggest bang for the buck.


  • Site Geometry – we understand how to take the parameters of your site configuration and optimize its greatest efficiency.  For example:


-  Pedestrian destinations relative to site selection so         pedestrian/vehicle conflicts are minimized


-  Vehicular capabilities of the street on your site so exit and entry queuing is minimized.

Master Planning | Site Circulation

We understand site circulation works in conjunction with site selection in order to identify where vehicles need to go.


In the site circulation reviews, we study where the predominant traffic flows come from so that we can organize the site for increased safety and minimized vehicle/pedestrian conflicts.  Components of Site Circulation Analysis are:


  • Optimal Site Dimensioning

  • Constructability parking efficiency

  • Maximum number of spaces for overall development

  • Entry/Exit Optimization

  • Vehicle Accessibility to parking

  • Development cost optimization

At Cook Children’s Medical Center in FT. Worth, TX, there was an ongoing problem with vehicle/pedestrian conflicts where the vehicle traffic flow was conflicting with pedestrians walking to the hospital. Improvements were made by identifying their future parking development, assigning an internal pedestrian area, and then reorganizing the parking entry/exits.  This established safe and efficient circulation patterns for getting to and from parking by keeping all the parking external to the hospital area.  Vehicle/pedestrian conflicts were eliminated – problem solved.

In order to achieve this type of  success, Jamison | James’ ability to be involved in the site selection is critical because we understand  how to harness proper site circulation in order to maximize the value of the parking.


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