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Jamison | James has a firm grasp on this specialty niche within the parking industry.  Parking access – the entry/exit condition is what controls the amount of vehicles that come in and out of your parking garage. Understanding lane efficiencies and capacities both entering and exiting will dictate the stacking of cars to get in our out of the garage effectively.

Let Jamison | James provide customized, smart solutions that make the most sense for your situation.


  • Revenue generation 

  • Access control

  • Vehicle identification

  • Utilization

  • Multi-directional

  • Location and configuration


Whether you collect revenue or not, Jamison | James can provide you with the solution that makes the most sense – anything from a non-revenue collecting card reader to hourly, daily, pre-pay, or pay-on-foot revenue collecting methods. Whatever your objectives, Jamison | James looks at the whole picture giving timely advice on the best methods and systems to get the job done in the most effective manner. We can also look at what the market’s doing, so you know how you can best maximize the associated parking fees. 

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