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Let Jamison | James bring the expertise to your parking vision.  Jamison | James can provide parking studies that look at existing parking conditions, conditions of a city, or regional area and provide objective data on how much parking is available.

Jamison | James will help you identify how much parking is needed and how much parking is available within a reasonable walking distance.  We provide detailed data reports on:


  • Specific parking locations

  • Parking Fees

  • Utilization rates

  • Peak arrival and departure patterns

  • and many more elements...


Jamison | James can provide you with crucial information which will enable you to make an objective and informed decision.  Understanding the surrounding area, new parking demands, and existing parking capacities is essential in effective planning.  Jamison | James brings the whole picture into focus with accurate and effective parking studies.


University of Hawaii:  As a large institution, a growing number of students were enrolling which required more dorms, classrooms and parking; but they needed to understand how much more parking. A parking study identified the parking utilization based on types of commuters, students, and faculty population. By identifying and understanding how much parking was being used by each group it was possible to forecast parking needs as they expanded.  The parking study revealed that in their current condition, only 75% was being used. Thus in their phase 1 expansion, they didn’t need to add any additional parking. In Phase 2, additional parking was planned for based on the parking study findings.  The parking study played a huge roll in their development master planning.

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