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Don't let the individual parking demands of a large multi-use project drive your parking counts.  In developing a multi-use facility it is critical to do a shared use analysis which will objectively evaluate your actual parking usage based on historical data from the Urban Land Institute.  This analysis can literally save your project millions of dollars in parking overbuild.

  • Restaurants

  • Retail

  • Office

  • Hotel

  • Cinema


Based on what is being built Jamison | James can analyze individual parking generation rates to help you prevent building too much parking. Shared Use Analysis looks at all of the different development components, their individual parking requirements and marries that with peak demand factors based on national studies and observations.  Effectively, Shared Use Analysis allows you to build only the number of spaces that will be utilized, rather than building all the individual code required spaces which leaves you with an unused parking surplus.

Jamison | James will examine your total parking picture and help you determine what will actually get used.  The difference can be millions!


South Lake Town Center: This huge multi-use development with office, retail, restaurant, cinema has multiple phases and multiple parking demand requirements.  A Shared Use Analysis was able to help them maximize the parking without overbuilding as the development progressed over the years. By not overbuilding parking, the development could focus on pedestrian friendly zones, optimized parking usage, and maintain eco-friendly green spaces while avoiding useless parking spaces. Based on the analysis, parking requirements went from 8,000 to only 5,000 parking spaces.  If these were structured spaces that would be a $30 million savings!

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